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White Wines

Los Picos, Sauvignon Blanc.

Bottle: £14.95
250ml: £5.30
175ml: £4.30
125ml: £3.30

Capriano, Pinot Grigio.

Bottle: £16.95
250ml: £6.00
175ml: £5.00

The Accomplice, Chardonnay.

Bottle: £18.95
250ml: £7.00
175ml: £6.00
125ml: £5.00

Rosé Wine

Buffalo Ridge, Zinfandel Rosé.

Bottle: £15.95
250ml: £5.50
175ml: £4.50
125ml: £3.50

Capriano, Pinot Grigio Rosé.

250ml: £6.50
175ml: £5.50
125ml: £4.50

Red Wine

Los Picos, Merlot.

Bottle: £14.95
250ml: £5.00
175ml: £4.00
125ml: £3.00

 Les Foncanelles, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Bottle: £16.95
250ml: £6.00
175ml: £5.00
125ml: £4.00

The Accomplice, Shiraz.

Bottle: £18.95
250ml: £7.00
175ml: £6.00

Puerta Vieja Rioja Tinto, Spain

Bottle: £21.95

Bodega Privada, Malbec.
Bottle: £27.95

Sparkling Wine

Vispo Allegro Prosecco, Italy
Fresh and Light in the Palate with balanced acidity
2ooml: £6.95

La Scarpetta Prosecco, Italy
A delicious light and fruit Prosecco with a fresh, softy sparkling palate
Bottle: £18.95


Veuve Clicquot Brut, Reims, France
A superb marriage of freshness and power, with rich fruit and a mouth-filling mousse
Bottle: £60.00

Veuve Clicquot Rosé, Reims, France
A delightful luscious, fruit-based charm.  It has expressive aromas of wild strawberries
Bottle: £70.00

Dom Perignon Brut 2009, Epernay, France
The wine bursts with notes of grapefruit zest and peach alongside aromas of vanilla and toasted brioche
Bottle:  £200.00